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Retaining Wall Install

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Block & Retaining Wall Install

At Simmons Contracting, we specialize in professional block and retaining wall installation services. Whether you need a functional retaining wall to prevent erosion and provide structural support or a decorative block wall to enhance your outdoor space, our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results.

Block Wall Installation: Our block wall installation services offer a versatile solution for various applications. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and design preferences, ensuring that the block wall seamlessly integrates with your property. Whether it's a garden wall, boundary wall, or any other type of block wall, we utilize high-quality materials and employ precise construction techniques to create a durable and visually appealing structure.

Retaining Wall Installation: Retaining walls play a crucial role in managing soil erosion, preventing land movements, and creating level areas in sloped landscapes. Our team has extensive experience in designing and constructing retaining walls that meet engineering standards and comply with local regulations. We carefully consider factors such as soil conditions, water drainage, and load requirements to ensure the stability and functionality of the retaining wall.

Benefits of Block and Retaining Wall Installation:

  • Erosion Control: Block and retaining walls are effective in preventing soil erosion by holding back and stabilizing the earth, especially on sloped terrain. This helps protect your property from potential damage caused by erosion and shifting soil.

  • Increased Usable Space: Retaining walls can create flat areas on slopes, allowing you to maximize your outdoor space for various purposes such as gardens, terraces, or seating areas.

  • Structural Support: Retaining walls provide structural support, particularly in areas with uneven terrain or where land movement is a concern. They help distribute the pressure of soil and prevent potential land slides or collapse.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Our block and retaining walls are not only functional but also enhance the visual appeal of your property. With various design options and customizable finishes, we create walls that complement your landscape and add value to your property.

  • Longevity and Durability: We prioritize quality craftsmanship and utilize premium materials, ensuring that our block and retaining walls are built to withstand the test of time and withstand environmental factors.

Retaining Wall Install
Underground Drainage System

Underground Drainage Systems

We provide expert underground drainage system services to effectively manage and control water flow on your property. Our skilled team specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining drainage systems that mitigate water-related issues, protect your property's foundation, and ensure proper water management.

Underground Drainage System Installation: First step in this process is for us to assess your property to identify areas prone to water accumulation, such as low-lying spots, basements, or areas affected by poor soil drainage. We then design and install underground drainage systems tailored to your specific needs, utilizing high-quality materials and advanced techniques.

Key Benefits of Underground Drainage Systems:

  • Water Management: Our underground drainage systems efficiently channel water away from your property, preventing waterlogging, erosion, and potential damage to your foundation, landscape, or structures.

  • Foundation Protection: By effectively diverting excess water, our drainage systems help maintain the integrity and stability of your property's foundation, minimizing the risk of costly foundation damage.

  • Preventing Soil Saturation: Underground drainage systems prevent soil saturation by allowing excess water to be directed away from the surface. This helps preserve soil structure and prevents issues such as soil erosion or the formation of waterlogged areas.

  • Landscape Preservation: Proper drainage helps preserve the health and appearance of your landscaping by preventing overwatering, water pooling, or damage to plants and trees due to excessive moisture.

  • Structural Integrity: By managing water flow and preventing water accumulation, underground drainage systems protect the structural integrity of buildings, retaining walls, driveways, and other features on your property.


With our expertise in underground drainage systems, we ensure effective water management and protection for your property.


French Drain Installation

We also specialize in French drain installation services, delivering effective solutions for water management and drainage on your property. At Simmons Contracting, we are experienced in designing, installing, and maintaining French drains, utilizing industry-leading techniques and high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

French Drain Installation: Our experts assess your property to identify areas prone to water accumulation, such as basements, yards, or areas affected by poor surface or subsurface drainage. We design and install French drains tailored to your specific needs, strategically placing perforated pipes surrounded by gravel to create a channel for water to flow away from your property.

Key Benefits of French Drain Installation:

  • Water Diversion: French drains efficiently divert excess water away from your property, preventing waterlogging, foundation damage, and potential erosion issues.

  • Foundation Protection: By effectively managing water flow, French drains help protect the structural integrity of your property's foundation, minimizing the risk of costly damage caused by hydrostatic pressure or water saturation.

  • Soil Preservation: French drains promote healthy soil conditions by preventing water accumulation and soil saturation, preserving soil structure and preventing erosion issues.

  • Landscape Preservation: Proper water management through French drains helps maintain the health and appearance of your landscaping, preventing overwatering, water pooling, and damage to plants and trees.

  • Preventing Basement Flooding: French drains are particularly effective in preventing basement flooding by intercepting and redirecting groundwater away from the foundation, keeping your basement dry and free from water-related issues.

French Drain Install


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